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The Hunt is a game about the tale of Jenkyll and Hyde, a mad scientist that by drinking a potion transformed himself into a monster


(A - Left Arrow) - Turn player left.

(D - Right Arrow)- Turn player right.

(Space) - Change the form / Shapeshift.

(Esc) - Exit the game.

Jenkyll and Hyde are running from Van Helsing, he made some traps on your way

Red Areas - You have to pass with Hyde (Muscle/Monster) one.

Blue Areas - You have to pass with Jenkyl (little/skinny) one.

Be careful with your karma, getting points spheres with Jenkyll will rise the blue path, and with Hyde will ryse the red one, if you get a lot of karma you die, so try to balance it.

Install instructions

Just run the .exe (:


The Hunt.rar 26 MB


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Pretty neat!