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In the normal world, when a toy breaks it just became trash. But in the toy world, they became ToyZ: zombie broken toys seeking for destroy the good toys. You must stop them before the get to the good toy chest. Be strategic and smart in this nice looking tower defense and may the block be with you! 

We used: 

- Unity3D (Game Engine) 
- MagicaVoxel (3D elements) 
- Mixamo (Animation) 
- Photoshop (2D elements) 
- GarageBand (Music) 

Language: C# 

Credits to: 

Bruno Backa (Level Artist) 
Fabio Maciel (Programmer) 
Magno Gouveia (Programmer) 
Jamison Lima (Character and Weapon designer) 
Raphael Saraiva (Game Designer) 

We hope you enjoy! 


Install instructions

Just install the .apk (:


Toyz1.7.1.zip 16 MB

Also available on

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